Road Signs and Road Safety Tips

Its about your safety and for everyone Report 2014

Total 31,867 people visited website in 2014 and 311,661 page views worldwide and off course Pakistan on top and in Pakistan, Islamabad on top in cities. first of its kind website in Pakistan generating road safety awareness and road sign information. launched in 2012 with aim to provide online information that may help in reducing road accidents. is a project of Road Safety First an organization working to generate road safety awareness with vision of saving human's life from road accidents in Pakistan. Road accidents becoming a big reason of killing young people having age between 15-29 whereas more than 12,000 people died every year in Pakistan.

The most worst three accidents in 2014 are, November 11, 2014, when a bus collided with a goods truck near Khairpur and 58 people died including children’s and women. April 19, 2014 A speeding passenger bus smashed into a tractor-trailer, leaving 42 dead in Sukkur, Sindh. March 22, 2014: 35 people are killed when two buses and two tanker trucks collide in Hub, Balochistan, Pakistan

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