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Driving in Rain Safety Tips

Driving in the rain is difficult and in the night it is even worse. It is difficult to see out of the window and the other car's lights seems to make it worse especially when you begin to hydroplane.

The most important things in rain are speed, stopping distance and visibility.
Reduce your speed
Increase stopping distance to four second rather than two second
Turn on your headlights to give better visibility.
Be aware that brakes can be affected by water in rain.
Stay towards the middle lanes, Water tends to pool in the outer lanes
Drive in the tracks of a vehicles ahead of you.
Watch out for brake lights in front of you.
Don't follow large trucks or buses too closely. Their tiers splash water that ultimately obstructs your vision
Never drive through moving water if you can't see the ground through it, your car could be swept off the road
Never drive beyond the limits of visibility.
Avoid off-road driving.
• Avoid overtaking unnecessarily.
Be aware of hydroplaning: This is the situation when your vehicle has NO or very little contact with ground.
If possible stay off the road during heavy thunderstorms.
Always stay in touch with weather condition report, radio channel and news bulletin.
Use a rain repellent product on side windows and mirrors to clear standing raindrops.

Make Sure following things before You Move
that your vehicle parts and accessories are in working condition.
you have enough fuel in tank.

Following things are not recommended in rain
Stay away from electricity poles.
Stay away from accumulated water.
Dont touch wet electrical switches.
Do not tie motorcycles or bicycles to electricity poles.

Driving in the Rain Safety Tip
Be aware of hydroplaning in rain

Turn on headlights in rain
Reduce your speed in rain
Increase stopping distance in rain
Be aware that brakes can be affected by water in rain