Road Signs and Road Safety Tips

Its about your safety and for everyone

Kids Awareness Section

Dear kids always follow the instruction of your parents while crossing or walking on road.

Rules for Crossing Road and Walking on Road

• Always hold your parents hands while crossing road.

• Always fasten seat belt.

• You should not disturb your parents while they driving.

• You should not sit at front seat until you are 12 years old

• You should not drive until you are 18 years.

• Always look both sides before crossing a road.

• Follow RLR rule. Look right, left and then again right.

• Always walk on footpath

• Use zebra crossing

• Keep watching towards traffic coming to you while crossing the road

• Always use foot walk for walking

• If there is no footpath then walk in opposite direction to traffic so you can watch the traffic coming to you.

• Avoid crossing road at curve/bends.

• Never lost in thoughts while crossing road

• Be seen on road and wear bright and reflecting clothes at night

• Avoid walking on busy roads

• Use special bridge to cross the roads

• Don't take risk - If it is difficult to cross the road ask for help to your friend or traffic police warden.


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