Road Signs and Road Safety Tips

Its about your safety and for everyone

Parents Responsibility in Road Safety Awareness

In every three minutes one child is killed in road accidents and nearly 500 a day worldwide. The safest person to accompany children on the road is a parent or adult career. It is a duty and responsibility of parents to teach them road safety rules and keep children safe.

Safety awareness should begin from childhood better before the age of six as it is difficult to teach awareness to a grown up human. If safety awareness is learned in childhood then safety will be a habit.

• Teach your children basic rules and precaution for crossing and walking on roads. Practice these rules before them when you are on roads and set good examples to them.

• Driving under the age of 18 is prohibited, illegal and crime. Parents must take care of this law and do not allow their children for driving until they are 18 and have a valid driving license

• Kids grow up quickly, and constantly surprise us with what they can do. However, they are not ready to be left alone around traffic until they are at least 10 years old.

• In addition to school lessons, children look to you to learn more about how to use the road safety. When you are walking in and around traffic, talk with your children about why you stop before crossing a road and what you are looking and listening for. Explain to them where it is safer to cross and why.

• Kids need to be actively supervised in and around traffic. Hold hands with your children when crossing the road, including roads close to home, until they are at least 10 years old.

• Kids grow up quickly, but it is important not to overestimate what they can do. Children are not ready to be left alone around traffic until they are at least 10 years old.

• Unfortunately, cars do not always stop for pedestrians. Kids need a hand whenever cars may be around. This includes at pedestrian crossings and traffic lights.

• Small children can move surprisingly quickly and can be impossible to see from inside a car, especially if they are immediately behind it.

Children's look their parents as role model and follow them. Always set good examples to them.