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Road Safety Tips

Roads are for journey not for death, Keep death away from roads. Follow traffic rules and make death free roads.

Lane Discipline

If you need to change lane, first use your mirrors to make sure you will not force another driver or rider to swerve or slow down. View Detail

White and Yellow Lines

Yellow lines mean no parking and white lines mean no overtaking View Detail


Do not overtake unless you can do so safely. Make sure the road is sufficient clear ahead and behind. View Detail


Take extra care at junctions. A junction is a location where traffic can change between different routes or directions of travel. View Detail

Seat Belt

Wearing seat belts saves lives and reduces the risk of serious injury in an accident. You must wear a seat belt if available. View Detail

Respect Pedestrians

Consider to pedestrians, drive carefully and slowly when there are pedestrians about, especially in crowded shopping streets or residential areas. Watch out for pedestrians emerging suddenly into the road. Watch out for children and elderly pedestrians who may not be able to judge your speed and could step into the road in front of you. View Detail


Parking is a place where you can leave your vehicle temporary. Always park your vehicle to the area provided for parking. View Detail

Zebra Crossing

Zebra Crossing is a pedestrian crossing way, where pedestrians have right of way at anytime. The road is painted with white and black strips hence called Zebra Crossing. When you are on a Zebra Crossing you have the right of way but allow sufficient time to the approaching vehicles to give way and keep a lookout to right and left as you cross. View Detail


Learner drivers in a car must be supervised by someone experienced who has held a licence for that type of car for at least three years and still holds one. If you are learning to ride a motor-cycle or scooter you must take basic training with an experienced driver before riding on the road. All vehicles under the control of learner must display L-Plates. View Detail


On approaching a roundabout, decide as early as possible which exit you need to take and get into the correct lane, reduce your speed. On reaching the roundabout, give way to traffic on your right side. Watch out for traffic already on the roundabout, especially cyclists and motor-cyclists. At some junctions there may be more then one roundabout. At each one, use the normal rules for roundabout. View Detail


Before crossing a major highway or where there is a stop sign, you must come to a complete stop, look to the right, then to the left and again to the right to see if any traffic is approaching. Do not enter as long as there is traffic on the main road. View Detail


Before reversing make sure there are no pedestrians particularly children or obstructions in the road behind you. Get someone to guide you. View Detail


If you have a breakdown, think first of other traffic. Get your vehicle off the road if possible. If your vehicle is causing an obstruction, warn other traffic by using your hazard warning lights. If you carry a red warning triangle put it on the road at least 50 meters (164 ft) before the obstruction. At night or in poor visibility, do not stand behind your vehicle or let anyone else do so. You could prevent other drivers seeing your rear lights. View Detail

Pelican Crossing

For safe crossing of roads by pedestrian at different places, other than the intersections, special signals are provided. These crossings are called Pelican Crossing. If there is a Polican Crossing nearby, use it. Do not cross the road in zigzag - It is very dangerous. View Detail

Road Safety Tips

Use your mirrors before you move off. Signal if necessary before moving out. Look round as well for a final check. Only move off when it is safe to do so. View Detail