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Can smoking while driving become the cause of accidents?


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Road Signs and Traffic Signals Information in Pakistan

The main purpose of this website to provide information about Road Signs, Traffic Signals their meaning in English and Urdu language and Road Safety Awareness as well as to provide a platform where visitors can share their experience with others. we welcome your suggestions and comments that may improve the quality of this website. Road signs and signals are categorized as Mandatory Signs, Warning Signs and Informative Signs

Mandatory Road Signs

Mandatory signs are like an order, normally in circle shape except one sign which is mandatory but in shape of opposite triangle.

Warning Road Signs

Warning signs normally in triangle shape and purpose of these signs to warn you about something in advance, for example there is a curved round coming or there is a bend in road.

Informatory Road Signs

Informatory signs provide information, help and direction, for example parking in left direction. Informatory signs normally in rectangular shape may in different colors.

Motorway Road Signs

Motorway signs are type of informative signs normally in green color. Purpose to provide information, help and direction, for example Lahore in right directions and Multan in left direction.

National Highway Road Signs

National Highway signs are type of informative signs normally in blue colors. Purpose to provide information. For example Murree is 20 KM away.

Constructions Road Signs

Constructions signs are type of informative signs normally in yellow colors, for example work in progress. Purpose you reduce the speed and be careful.

Hazardous Symbols Signs

Hazardous signs are type of informative signs warn about explosive materials. Purpose you must keep distance and be careful.

Road Safety Tips

Seat Belt

Lane Discipline



White Yellow Lines



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Pelican Crossing


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Always overtake from the right side, use back view mirrors and indicators. After overtaking return to your lane using indicator.

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Download Road Safety Awareness Android APP

Download Road Safety Awareness Android APP

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